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Social Media Strategy

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Social Media Strategy

Our program is a straightforward, 6-week course aimed at helping small businesses improve their social media skills. It offers easy lessons and one-on-one coaching to help local businesses grow online and see real results from their social media efforts.

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Boost Your Business with Social Media Strategy

Working with a social media strategist can be a game-changer for your business, especially if you’ve been handling it on your own. Our experts bring a wealth of knowledge about the latest trends and algorithms, saving you time and effort in trying to keep up. We offer customized strategies tailored to your unique business needs, ensuring that your social media efforts are not just a shot in the dark but a targeted approach to engage your audience effectively. With a strategist, you get more than just posts; you get a plan for real engagement and measurable results. We help you avoid common mistakes, making your social media journey smoother and more productive. In short, a social media strategist turns your efforts into a powerful tool for business growth.

  • Strategy Development
  • Competitive and Marketplace Research

  • Social Media Brand Expansion

  • Ad Managemet

  • Community Management

  • Contest & Promotions

  • Content Creation

  • Conversion Optiomization



Business Goals

In week one, we'll dive into STP analysis and positioning maps to understand your market better, setting the stage to craft a tailored strategic plan for your social media efforts.


Effective Social Media Strategies

In week two, we'll learn what platforms to focus on for your industry, how to make great posts and find the best stuff to share, helping you get more likes and followers on social media.


Tracking and Measuring Effectiveness

In week three, we'll look at how to tell if your social media is working, using easy ways to track likes, shares, and comments, and then making smart changes to do even better.

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Leveraging Resources for Marketing

In week four, we'll focus on using what you have, like time and money, in the best way to make your social media even stronger and reach more people.


Creating a Strategic Marketing Plan

In week five, we'll put everything together to make a simple plan for your social media, so you know what to post, when to post, and how to reach more customers.

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Implementation and Adjustment

In week six, we'll start using your social media plan, see how it's going, and learn how to make it even better as you go.

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some DAMN GOOD marketing

Take your marketing to the NEXT LEVEL by growing your knowledge and your staffs knowledge

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Strategic Planning

We start here to make sure not only we understand your goals but YOU and YOUR TEAM understand the goals. We use a variety of tools and workbooks to comb through your business model and set you up for future success. This is ground ZERO.


Research and Analysis

Once you know where you are currently at and where you want to be we show you and your team how to research the competition. I don't mean google them or stalk them on FB. We show you how to run quarterly audits on your competition. Keyword research, technical and competitive audits. We also show you how to interpret the data to implement in your business.

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Project Management

Reviewing your platforms currently used and making sure it's the most efficient process for you and the team. We will fill any missing gaps and streamline your departments and tasks.


Compliance and Governance

We will help make sure you understand FTC guidelines, and copyright laws to make sure you always stay in compliance


Marketing and Communication

You'll be able to clearly identify your target audience, segment audiences and create a communications plan for current staff and future hires.


Online Community Management

Learn how to nurture and engage a healthy online community. Different engagement tools you can use as well as guidelines for managing a social community.



Based on 12 reviews
Joseph Herzer
Joseph Herzer
I had been wanting to do a website for my business for awhile, I wasn’t impressed with some of my other options and/or the do it yourself website designs. I honestly was lost with what to do, I had a consultation with Karissa from Damn Good Marketing and she listened to the mess of ideas in my head of what I wanted to do and she ran with it. She made the process so much easier for me than I was expecting and the results were fantastic. Everything she has already done is helping to bring business my way. Definitely worth the investment and a great overall experience all the way around….. She was Damn Good!!
Faith Lenz
Faith Lenz
I worked with Karissa on my website. Totally revamped, more folders and pages! She took my feedback of what I wanted and did everything top notch. Thank you for your patience and a great product ❤️
Shea James
Shea James
Karissa is so amazing! She really knows her stuff about website design, SEO, ads, keywords, and can even set up automations for you! She will definitely help your business get noticed and boost your online presence! If you are a small business owner you NEED to schedule a consultation with her! Highly recommend.
Marcel Colburn
Marcel Colburn
Damn Good Marketing is a phenomenal way to grow your business. Karissa is AMAZING! So kind and so knowledgeable. She stays up to date on relevant information and does a great job making your goals a reality.
Jon Martin
Jon Martin
Damn Good Marketing does incredible work, from their websites to their digital marketing services. The support they provide is exactly what small business owners need in order to succeed in the digital marketing space. Highly recommended!
Neslie Ethridge
Neslie Ethridge
As a new business owner in the Austin area, Karissa @Damn Good Marketing reviewed my website and provided me valuable feedback via a personalized video with step-by-step actions I could take to reach more clients. Damn Good Marketing is second to none when it comes to everything Digital Marketing and Customer Service. They truly live up to their name.
Nan Grimm
Nan Grimm
Karissa knows digital marketing! I know several business owners who she has taken to the next level with their online presence .She customizes a digital marketing plan specific to the needs and goals of the business owner. If you want your business to capture the perfect online customer, give Karissa a call. She will work tirelessly to build a plan that will show the world who you are and why they can’t afford not to do business with uou!
Katherine Marshall
Katherine Marshall
Absolutely amazing. I love everything they’ve done for me and my business. Karissa is the best, hands down, and knows how to help you get your business off the ground through proper marketing strategies.
Ally Stevens
Ally Stevens
Karissa, the Owner of Damn Good Marketing in Texas, is an Expert in digital marketing. You can tell she has a true passion for helping business owners grow their brands and is excellent in what she does. I look forward to continuing our work together!
Emeka Ofobike
Emeka Ofobike
I can’t say enough about Karissa and her team at Damn Good Marketing. I’ve only been working with them for a couple of weeks, but the diligence they’ve shown in doing the research, letting me know where my company’s website can improve and creating content and ads has been nothing short of stellar! Their experience definitely shows and I can’t wait to see many benefits that working with them will bring to my business. Thank you so much!

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