Social Media Marketing and Optimization

Best practices of Social Media Marketing for your needs

Facebook advertisements are a surefire way to instantly boost your business’ visibility. Interestingly enough, despite the influx of social media platforms over the past several years, Facebook still has a monopoly on social media usage. A significant portion of the world has Facebook, and furthermore, uses it on a daily or weekly basis. The importance of having Facebook advertisements speaks for itself and allows your company to grow its influence due to a built-in marketplace.

Social media in general is one of the necessary pillars needed to create strong internet marketing businesses should be utilizing. It’s hard to believe that Facebook once had humble beginnings as a platform that served one singular college campus. Today, Facebook is home to billions of users who use the platform for messaging, news, and even trading through their own platform. Strangely enough, Facebook has turned into its own business entity creating a foundation for a rich trading network..

  • Strategy Development
  • Competitive and Marketplace Research
  • Social Media Brand Expansion
  • Ad Managemet
  • Community Management
  • Contest & Promotions
  • Content Creation
  • Conversion Optiomization

What do you need?

Brand Building
You need to get your name out there. Help building your brand and building a connection with your community is SUPER important!
Engagement is where we help engage and keep up conversations with clients. Sometimes your not there to get to every comment or message … but we can be! Let us be your eyes and ears and stay present so you don’t miss a lead!
Increase Followers
There’s a multitude of reasons to grow your following. Monetary, lead generation, self-confidence … whatever the reason, we have options for you!
Need help with content for your social media platforms? We can help with that! Content takes time and energy that you may just not have, but we can step in and fill that need in your business.

Work process

Research of Social Networks
Strategy Development
Launch of advertising campaign
Analysis and conclusions


Admittedly, it might be tempting for you to try and go about Facebook ad investment by yourself. The digital age has convinced us that we can do just about anything thanks to the information available at our fingertips. There is certainly truth to this sentiment as we’re never at a loss of knowledge when we need it. However, the argument for using a marketing agency like Damn Good Marketing is quite compelling. Frankly, you can never go wrong with hiring an expert. If you want the job done right the first time around Damn Good Marketing takes care of matters for you.

When you retain our services, there’s no pressure for you to try and fill in the blanks with information and research. We’ve done the research for you and can share our findings with you to help you understand the importance of investing in a professional business. We’ve conducted hours and hours of trial-and-error research that’s led us to design nearly infallible methods for creating and promoting Facebook ads. There is a specific science to what we do that can only be mastered thanks to hours of relevant research and successful attempts with previous clients. For more information regarding how we make Facebook ads work on your behalf, get in touch today. Damn Good Marketing is an internet marketing Austin and Tampa located business that can guarantee results.

Karissa is so amazing! She really knows her stuff about website design, SEO, ads, keywords, and can even set up automations for you! She will definitely help your business get noticed and boost your online presence! If you are a small business owner you NEED to schedule a consultation with her! Highly recommend.
Shea James
Shea James
April 27, 2023
Damn Good Marketing is a phenomenal way to grow your business. Karissa is AMAZING! So kind and so knowledgeable. She stays up to date on relevant information and does a great job making your goals a reality.
Marcel Colburn
Marcel Colburn
April 19, 2023
Damn Good Marketing does incredible work, from their websites to their digital marketing services. The support they provide is exactly what small business owners need in order to succeed in the digital marketing space. Highly recommended!
Jon Martin
Jon Martin
February 15, 2023
As a new business owner in the Austin area, Karissa @Damn Good Marketing reviewed my website and provided me valuable feedback via a personalized video with step-by-step actions I could take to reach more clients. Damn Good Marketing is second to none when it comes to everything Digital Marketing and Customer Service. They truly live up to their name.
Neslie Ethridge
Neslie Ethridge
February 11, 2023
Karissa knows digital marketing! I know several business owners who she has taken to the next level with their online presence .She customizes a digital marketing plan specific to the needs and goals of the business owner. If you want your business to capture the perfect online customer, give Karissa a call. She will work tirelessly to build a plan that will show the world who you are and why they can't afford not to do business with uou!
Nan Grimm
Nan Grimm
February 10, 2023
Absolutely amazing. I love everything they’ve done for me and my business. Karissa is the best, hands down, and knows how to help you get your business off the ground through proper marketing strategies.
Katherine Marshall
Katherine Marshall
January 14, 2023
Karissa, the Owner of Damn Good Marketing in Texas, is an Expert in digital marketing. You can tell she has a true passion for helping business owners grow their brands and is excellent in what she does. I look forward to continuing our work together!
Ally Stevens
Ally Stevens
October 10, 2022
I want to first say that Damn Good Marketing is the best place to go for any marketing and building your website. Katherine and Karissa are absolutely amazing, they built my website with such detail and efficiency. They took their time on zoom meetings to make sure that everything was to my liking. They are patient, extremely gifted in this field, with awesome personalities which made it fun. They did a lot of research into my field and guided me as to what my content should be. Love these ladies. ❤️
sharon whitney
sharon whitney
April 3, 2022
I can't say enough about Karissa and her team at Damn Good Marketing. I've only been working with them for a couple of weeks, but the diligence they've shown in doing the research, letting me know where my company's website can improve and creating content and ads has been nothing short of stellar! Their experience definitely shows and I can't wait to see many benefits that working with them will bring to my business. Thank you so much!
Emeka Ofobike
Emeka Ofobike
August 27, 2021
Damn Good Marketing should be called Damn Amazing Marketing! Karissa’s SEO strategies are off the charts, bringing in leads much earlier than expected. And not only leads, but HIGH QUALITY leads that I was looking for. Her and her team also did an amazing job with my website build making my vision truly come to life. She went above and beyond for my business and I guarantee she will do the same for anyone needing some help growing their business since that’s the person she really is. It’s hard to find a business who genuinely cares for your success like Damn Good Marketing. Karissa even gave me tips and tricks for social media marketing when that was something I didn’t even consider. Don’t waste another minute contemplating other marketing companies, I can’t express how valuable and knowledgeable this company is! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Lisa Roos
Lisa Roos
July 2, 2021